Kingdom Hearts Concert -First Breath-, a Yoko Shimomura Interview

In August 2016, I had the privilege of attending the Kingdom Hearts -First Breath- concert in Osaka. The merch line was out of control, but other than that it was all pretty magical. Different from the Kingdom Hearts World Tour of 2017, this -First Breath- concert tour was only in Japan and was done in… Continue reading Kingdom Hearts Concert -First Breath-, a Yoko Shimomura Interview

Otogivanashi’s COSMOS

One thing I do that hasn't manifested itself around Kanabits quite yet is my occasional dabbling in song lyrics. Why? Because it's different, often less straightforward and more challenging of an experience than what you've seen from me thus far. As a result I'm almost never satisfied with my efforts, so I fiddle and rewrite,… Continue reading Otogivanashi’s COSMOS